The Faculty of Law at the Babeş – Bolyai University hosted the first debate tournament organized by its Debate Club, in collaboration with ARDOR Transylvania, in April, between 25 and 28.  The competition gathered many valuable debaters from faculties around the country: Iaşi, Timişoara, Bucureşti, and Cluj-Napoca. 

The format of the tournament was British Parliament (BP), a format which involves four teams, each composed of two members, who have seven minutes each to bring arguments on a particular theme. The motions debated were relevant to today’s society, especially in what concerns the relationship between the government and its citizens.

‘This parliament would eliminate all restrictions regarding advertising, except the one regarding the presentation of reality’ was one of the many motions that debaters had to brainstorm about and advocate for, with their arguments. Another example of motion that created delight for participants was ‘Assuming that prostitution was legal, this parliament would offer sex-coupons for the social assisted.’, a strong supporter of critical thinking and open debate, covered the tournament through a media partnership, which gave us the chance to sit down with a few of the participants and get a feel of the atmosphere there.

Alexandru Şotropa (Faculty of Law, UNIBUC), Andrei Tanasescu (Computer Science, UNIBUC), and Dragoş Sassu (Mathematics & Computer Science, UNIBUC), told us that they enjoyed participating, mainly because, compared to other tournaments, the general feel was that of relaxation and simplicity. They agreed that the motions were easily approachable and that they allowed the emergence of interesting arguments.

Roxana Burciu (10th grade, Nicolae Bãlcescu High School), a high school debater who volunteered to help in organizing the event, told us that, overall, she was very pleased with the debates she had seen, as she felt that she and her older fellows were able to tackle the core of the motion. A debater herself, she revealed that her preparation for debates is mainly based on reading a lot and being constantly connected to the developments in the society.

When asked about the experience she had at the tournament, Cristina Pripon (Faculty of Law, UBB) said that bearing in mind it was her first experience, it was terrifying, underlining that the feeling slowly faded in the following debates. She also told us that her main goal was to develop experience, structure and argumentative skills.

We also asked Daiana Miu (Faculty of Law, UNIBUC) and Dana Ghingheș (Faculty of Law, Nicolae Titulescu University) about their expectations regarding the tournament. Daiana told us that she aimed to acquire a wide skill-set in order to improve her debating techniques. Dana said that gaining more experience was her main incentive in participating, and that she wanted to reach the semifinals. members are looking forward to be invited to other debating competitions and wishes all the best to all participants in their future careers!