The Summer University for Continental Law is focused on preparing students or legal professionals during a three week programme consisting of trainings, courses, conferences, and visits. The courses are offered in English and French, depending on the preference of the attendees. At the end of the programme, students are required to attend the final exam session. 

With more than 10.000 students, the Law school from Vienna (Juridicum) is one of the leading universities in Europe. Every year, more than 2.500 students walk through its gates looking towards a bright future that awaits them. Though, what is the selection process, when are the exam sessions, how does the study program and the structure of the academic year look like and how do foreign students deal with the usage of German language?

Starting with this issue of the magazine, will unveil some insights into the educational programmes of the law schools from Central and Eastern Europe, starting with the biggest six law schools in Romania. The article in this number is dedicated to law freshmen and future upper secondary school graduates who might consider a career in law. 

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