This summer school programme offers a variety of academically challenging and intellectually stimulating courses. Over three exciting and challenging weeks, students attend one or two courses, interact with Slovenian and international lecturers who are experts in their chosen fields, discover the local culture and socialise with people from all around the world.

This summer school programme aims to help students and graduates improve their knowledge in the fields of political science, economics, social geography, management, media and their cultural knowledge of the country, to give students an experience of life in a foreign country that can be invaluable later in life. The programme includes short Lithuanian language crash course.

The International Law & Arbitration Association (BILA Association) is inviting students above the age of 18 and young professionals to Belarus for an International Law Camp, between July 16 – 21, 2017. Participants will discuss current topics such as Hybrid Wars and Cyber Attacks while also exploring the historical area of Berezina River banks.

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