University of Craiova

The University of Craiova (UCV) is a Romanian public university, based in Craiova. Established in 1947, UCV has expanded, covering more domains of study, until it reached the nowadays form that brings a great variety for prospective students. Its law faculty provides high quality legal education.

LL.M. in Business Law

This LL.M. focuses on a thorough studying of Business Law, including Corporations, Arbitration, Tax law and Administrative law, and their interesting details and problems that can occur, while approaching these matters in an EU context.

Location: Craiova, Romania

Single Diploma.

Language: English.

Number of Places/Students per year: 50 (according to the official announcement for the 2018-2019 academic year).

Duration: 2 semesters (FT).

Price/Fee: 645 EUR (tuition fee) + 22 EUR (application fee)

Scholarships: UCV provides several types of scholarships. Read more.

Accommodation: Students can choose between living on or off campus. For Romanian students read here. For international students read here.

Application Process:

For admission, the criteria taken into consideration is the candidate's general score on the LL.B. exam. Graduates of specialisations other than law, will have to take a written test covering the programme for the LL.B. exam, which shall be eliminatory. Also, graduates who have not studied English during their LL.B. will have to take an English competence test which is also eliminatory. 

Romanian candidates or possessors of a Romanian ID card or ID number residing in Romania can complete the online pre-enlisting form.

For the entrance exam, candidates must provide the following documents:

  1. A completed application form from the admission committee;
  2. High school diploma or equivalent – original and certified copy;
  3. LL.B. diploma – original and certified copy;
  4. LL.B. diploma supplement or transcript of records – original and certified copy;
  5. If the candidate is a student at another faculty, an attestation from the named faculty where the original documents are;
  6. A certified copy of their birth certificate;
  7. A medical certificate;
  8. ID card – original and certified copy;
  9. An attestation from the work place if there is such a case;
  10. Three photos (ID card format);
  11. The receipt for paying the application fee;
  12. An envelope file.

Programme structure


  • Compulsory: The practice and procedure of the Court of Justice of the European Union in commercial matters, Consumer protection within EU, Commercial arbitration, Business tax law, Practical Internship, European company law, Criminal business law, European contract law and the digital single market, Ethics and academic integrity;
  • Optional: Administrative contracts, Unfair competition and trade mark law, Labour relations in EU, EU banking law, Corporate social responsibility and business;

Master's Thesis: It consists in an individual original and scientific work. The topic shall be chosen by the student who will be supervised by one of the faculty members.


LL.M Contact:

Facultatea de Drept, str. Calea București nr.107D, Craiova, Dolj, Romania

Tel.: +40 351 177100

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


By Oana Bahnean

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