Master in Information and Communication Technology Law University of Oslo 

The principal aim of this Master of Laws programme is to impart understanding of the central legal issues that arise as a result of developments in the use of ICT. In very general terms, such issues concern the ways in which ICT affects the application of existing law, and existing law affects the use of ICT, and the manner in which ICT functions as a regulatory mechanism in itself.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Single Degree

Language: English

Number of Places/Students per year: 22

Duration: 1,5 years

Price/Fee: no tuition free 

Scholarships: here.

Accommodation: The student housing is administered by the Student Welfare Organization in Oslo and Akershus (SiO). All International students can apply for housing through SiO Housing. More information here.

Application Process: The application period for studies starting:

a. Non-EU/EEA applicants: from 1 October until 1 December, 

b. EU/EEA/Swiss applicants: from 1 February until 1 March. 

The process is the same as for the Human Rights Programme, please see the information provided there. 

Program Structure:

The programme is of 15 months duration, with two full semesters of lectures and tutorials (six mandatory courses in total), and the third semester devoted exclusively to the completion of a master's thesis. You are supposed to complete 30 credits every semester. The programme has an obligatory Master`s thesis.  

More information here.

Career prospects

The LL.M. degree in ICT Law gives you strong qualifications in international law. The knowledge acquired during the Master of Laws programme will be useful for careers in law firms, public administration, academia, or ICT businesses. 

More information here.


LLM Contact 

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By Sasha Zablotskyi

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