L.L.M. in Law of the Sea - University of Tromsø 

The LL.M. programme aims to broaden the traditional approach to the Law of the Sea from jurisdictional issues to also include substantial law such as conservation and sustainable use of biological resources and protection of biodiversity and the environment. Although the programme of study has a clear global profile, it will also have a distinct Arctic dimension. 

The Arctic University of Norway is located in the city of Tromsø, Norway, it was established in 1968 and opened in 1972. It is one of eight universities in Norway. The University of Tromsø is the largest research and educational institution in northern Norway. The University's location makes it a natural venue for the development of studies of the region's natural environment, culture, and society.

Location: Tromsø, Norway

Single Degree

Language: English

Number of Places/Students per year: 20

Duration: 1 year

Price/Fee: no tuition free 

Scholarships: none

Accommodation: The Arctic Student Organization of Norway (Samskipnaden) offers rental housing to students at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, both on Campus Tromsø and Campus Alta. The Housing Department handles all applications for housing and is responsible for the assignment of rooms to Norwegian and international students. 

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Application Process: 

Deadline: October,1 - December,1 

Required documents: 

• Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualification (proof of schooling equivalent to 3 years of Norwegian upper secondary school)

• Proof of English Proficiency

• Bachelor´s Degree Diploma or equivalent (at least 3 years of higher education with a major law or Polititcal Science). The minimum average grade requirement is:

• C - for bachelor’s degree or equivalent issued in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

• B - for bachelor’s degree or equivalent issued in all other countries 

• Proof of funding - Self-financing applicants (NON-EU/EEA)

• Applicants must enclose an essay of approximately 2 pages in English where they describe their background and motivation for taking this Master's degree.


Program Structure:

First Term (autumn): JUR-3050 General Law of the Sea; JUR-3054 General Law of the Sea II

Second Term (spring): JUR-3052 Law of the Sea and Marine Biodiversity; JUR-3053 Law of the Sea and the Arctic

Third Term (summer): JUR-3910 Master's thesis in Law of the Sea    

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Career prospects

The objective is to qualify the students for careers within a broad spectre of areas; both at national and international level. Candidates will be qualified for jobs within the United Nations and its specialised agencies, in national diplomatic service as well as public administration and industry and commerce.


LL.M. Contact 

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By Sasha Zablotskyi

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