is recruiting! We are looking for critically-minded students for four essential roles: Junior Editor, Legal Researcher, PR Manager and Web Development Assistant.

Apply by October 8, by submitting your CV and a letter of intent containing three reasons why you want the position you are applying for and how you match the description of the role at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The language used must be English.


Surely, there are many extracurricular opportunities out there for law students. But one, in particular, was carefully crafted having in mind the needs of law students and the market demands, and that is In an environment flooded with competitors, the only shot you have at being successful is by being outstanding.

We offer you the chance to stand out, the pathway to becoming outstanding. You have the opportunity to be part of a unique platform created to foster critical thinking, debate, and reform, all coming from the young minds of law students like you. You will be able to connect with lawyers and legal professionals from the CEE, and, more importantly, you will be able to use and build on the knowledge you have acquired so far.

" was definitely one of the more impactful activities that I undertook in university. I now work as a lawyer in a firm with many international clients, where many of our deliverables have to be done in English. was one of the very few activities available to me that helped me develop my legal English, editing the submissions for the magazine and writing my own articles.  Additionally, my role in the project my ability for developing legal argumentation, a skill that I use on a day-to-day basis at work. Last, but not least, the organizational skills that I developed, as well as the appeal of being a founding member of greatly improved my resume and my chance of getting a job at a prestigious law firm."

Călin Mureșanu, Board Vice-President and Co-Founder

What can you do?

Check out the details for the three roles waiting for their creative, hard-working matches:

1. Junior Editor


  • First, Second or Third year Law Students at any law school (preference given to those studying in or coming from Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Advanced English Knowledge
  • Excellent analytical and argumentative skills
  • Access to a PC and good Internet connection


  • Reading, editing and reviewing the submitted articles according to the editorial guidelines of the magazine
  • Verifying the correctitude of the information presented in the articles and ensuring the accuracy of the language used in the articles
  • Writing materials for each issue
  • Promoting posts and materials on all social media channels

* Candidates applying for the JE position have the opportunity to choose to get involved in additional activities, including: Institutional Relations (it involves the establishment and maintenance of partnerships), Question of the Issue, Debates, Interviews, Newsletter, Social Media Management, and Briefings. To express your interest, please rank the possible options in order of preference in your application.

* Selected candidates will be contacted shortly and might be asked to edit and review brief excerpts of articles given by the team.

2. Legal Researcher


  • Third year law student and above, including LLM/Master level and PhD candidates (preference given to those studying in or coming from Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Advanced English Knowledge
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Access to a PC and Internet Connection


  • Bringing a monthly contribution to the Legal Dictionary and/or the Opportunities section
  • Updating old Dictionary Terms and/or the Master Abroad rubric
  • Contribute with research-based articles on current legal developments to the Briefing section and the Blog
  • Come up with and contribute to new research projects

* Selected Legal Researchers will be contributing to the Legal Dictionary and the blog on a regular basis, as agreed with the Research Coordinator. They will also have the opportunity to participate in additional projects. Applicants should include, alongside their application, a ranking of the possible options in order of their preference: updating old Dictionary terms, updating the Masters Abroad rubric and/or contributing to the Opportunities section.

3. Regional PR Manager


  • Student at any of the Central and Eastern European law schools / Public Relations & Communication / Advertising and related fields.
  • Advanced English Knowledge
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Access to a PC and Internet Connection
  • Proven experience is an advantage.


  • Accessing all channels of communication used by Law students from the applicant’s University (Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter)
  • Posting messages on behalf of the editorial team on these channels in order to ensure that every student can access the opportunities offered by us
  • Promoting the website and magazine at all the events attended as a PR Regional Manager
  • Promoting posts and materials on all social media channels
  • Identifying potential local and regional partners and sponsors
  • Managing and maintaining's current partnerships

* Regional PR Managers will be recruited at Assistant level, but may be promoted to Coordinators depending on their experience and dedication to the project.

4. Web Development Assistant


  • Student at any of the Central and Eastern European law schools / Public Relations & Communication / IT and related fields.
  • Advanced English Knowledge
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Access to a PC and Internet Connection
  • Blogging experience or proven interest in web page development


  • Regularly uploading content on the Website
  • Compiling the Newsletter
  • Assisting with the compilation of the publication

* Shortlisted Web Development Assistants will be contacted shortly for an interview. The selected candidates will be trained by and work closely with senior members.

Not sure yet? exists because of and through the tremendous work of all the law students involved throughout the years since its inception. It’s a constant work in progress, seeking to expand and improve the lives of law students, as the first-hand experiences of all those that decided to get involved reflect. As a member you will gain new skills, live invaluable experiences and share thoughts with other law students, building together a project that exceeds the legal field and the level of students.

"My experience as a Legal Researcher had a great influence in my professional training. Firstly, because it gave me the chance to collaborate with team members from different countries and constantly adapt. Secondly, I professionalised my research skills, I learnt how to easily find information, synthesised it in a manner appealing for the specialist reader, but also for a non-specialist. Last but not least, is still teaching me daily, even as an alumni and Board Member, that once you invest passion, dedication and effort in a project, it can be more than a success, it can be a career. helped me build up a career in the legal field and to combine tech skills, soft skills and creativity with legal knowledge."

Daniela Olivia Ghicajanu, Board Member

We can offer you:

  • Letters of recommendation on behalf of the editorial team or sponsors
  • Volunteer recognition certificates, Volunteer contract
  • Direct training and coaching offered by alumni
  • The opportunity to expand your knowledge of Legal English, as well as to improve your English writing skills
  • Priority at coordinating joint projects organised by and Local Partners
  • The opportunity to get in touch with National and International Law Firms and Companies through the projects and access a plurality of career opportunities
  • Freedom in establishing and coordinating side projects, under the guidance of experienced alumni

Do not miss the opportunity to become part of an amazing team and a rapidly-growing project! Join!

"Being a part of the team is a tremendously rewarding experience; the open minds of everyone involved and the room I have had for development make the project the ideal environment for students and young professionals. In the three months I have been a legal researcher, I had the opportunity to improve my writing, research, and reasoning skills, by contributing to its Legal Dictionary. Most importantly, I was encouraged to make creative decisions even as a newcomer; recently, my idea to feature Summer Schools in Europe in our Opportunities Section has received the green light and is currently under way."

Daniela Toma, Legal researcher (2015-2016)

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