All of us at are wishing you a joyful and productive 2018!

In the new year, you will be able to find new projects, rubrics and opportunities on our website, while our editorial team has prepared for you an interesting and thought-provoking issue, which will be published within the month! But before we tell you more of our plans for the new year, let's look back to the work our team brought to you in 2017, including our 5 most read articles of the year!

In the past couple of months, the team has kept busy: we organised the 2nd Compendium in Cluj with much success, helping law students like you find internships in local law firms. We began a new project on Summer Schools, as part of our commitment to help young lawyers develop their skills and educate themselves further. Finally, our partners at CEU Legal Studies organised a conference about Justice in Big Data with the support of, and internationally renowned speakers like Jules Polonetsky  and Dr. Szabó Endre Győző.

We also published a series of interesting articles written by law students on a variety of topics, focused on both international and domestic law. It comes as no surprise that our most read article of the year was about cybersquatting; 2017 was a year full of legal developments in the field of digital economy throughout Europe (you can find more about the term in our Dictionary!). Contract law remains a key interest of every aspiring lawyer, as the stats show, while CSR is a concept more and more students begin to consider - as do trademarks and social security. Revisit our Most Read Articles of 2017 below, and consider writing one yourself to be featured in the list next year:

5) Bogdan-Alexandru Petrescu, The State Bank of Social Security (March 2017)

4) Šárka Šilhánková, Public Policy and Accepted Principles of Morality as Absolute Grounds for Refusal of Trademark Protection (in connection with illegal activities) (April 2017)

3) Alexandra Tomuța, Corporate social responsibility policy development: Is it better to prevent by regulating or to repair? CSR policies and impact on corporations in the light of the BP Horizon Water case (March 2017)

2) Alexa Francesca Lara Buta, The Abuse of Right. A Concept between Tort Law and Breach of Contracts (March 2017)

1) Cătălina Ciucu, Domain Name System – the US strategies and Romanian incentives to combat cybersquatting (March 2017)

Similarly, in 2018 we strive to grow, learn and help even more law students with their studies and professional development. New terms are constantly added to our Dictionary, while we are updating the old ones with judicial developments and legal articles. Our Masters Abroad project is slowly moving towards its end: you can find LLMs from universities all over Europe on our website, while our team is working on adding countries such as Germany and the UK to the list. At the same time, new projects take their first steps: we always welcome your articles, contributions, questions and ideas in our email address and social media, but from this year on, our team is ready to answer all your questions as part of our new Advice rubric (more on which will come by the end of the month). We are also committed to informing students of the latest Legal News and developments through our Newsletter and blog with monthly updates.

As always, we welcome your contributions to the blog and our 2018 issues, as well as your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Happy New Year and Happy Lawyr-ing!