We are happy to announce that Lawyr.it website is back, and has a brand new design! As some of you may know, we have recently experienced some technical issues, which unfortunately prompted us to close down the website for a while. We would like to apologise to all our readers for any inconvenience this might have caused, but we hope the new website will make up for it. 

We took this opportunity as a chance to get closer to our readers, including on our official website. Therefore, our rebranding has focused on creating a website intended to be more user-friendly and accessible. As you can notice, Lawyr.it remains faithful to a simple and clear style, with well-defined features and a well organised structure.

Lawyr.it team is currently working on a new set of Editorial Guidelines, in order to support the work of Lawyr.it writers. Therefore, if you are planning to be one of our next contributors, do not forget to check out soon our new section of Editorial Guidelines! 

Meanwhile, you can check and use our Dictionary, which provides some extra help and useful tips for any law student interested in discovering new legal terms.  

Moreover, as you know, you can also find us on our official Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts and share your opinion regarding your experience with the new Lawyr.it website. 

We are happy to be back in business and we hope you will enjoy the new website and the latest issues and posts!