Junior Editor & Partnerships Coordinator

LLB in Law, 2nd year

University of Bucharest, Romania


Alex is a 2nd year Law Student of the University of Bucharest, with a previous MSc in Literature Studies and two BScs, in Philology and in Orthodox Theology. 

He previously worked as a high-school teacher, as a copy editor for Forbes Romania and in the PR&Comm area, having almost three years of experience in these domains. 

As a Romanian Literature teacher, he learned that anything can be explained to anybody, as long as you express and explain it the right way, and this is why he thinks that there is no legal aspect that a college student or even a high-school one can find impossible to understand, if the writer does its job well. Therefore, he joined our team so that he can combine all those things he loved as a student and as a teacher: always reading and researching, and sharing information in a way that makes the field he studies not only his friend, but others’ too.


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