Junior Editor

L.L.B in Law, 2nd year

Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania 


Kriszta has always loved to prove why she is right. Although choosing a career wasn’t easy for her as she is interested in so many but likes decision-making so little, it was somehow obvious that she will end up studying law. So, she chose it because these three letters were intimidating enough to make her want to see justice be served.

She also believes that words, communication and rhetoric are her superpower. Her love for literature, linguistics, public speaking and writing led her to some of the most memorable experiences of her life: competitions, researches, speeches and her high school’s newspaper, of which the last one taught her the importance of sharing opinions, showing perspectives on different subjects and the significance of teamwork. Giving voice to people, educating new generations and letting them educate us, connecting similar mentalities are just a few things that determine her to volunteer and get involved in innovative projects.

When she first met the Lawyr.it team, she thought it felt like home in a weird way… She considers Lawyr.it the perfect place to learn a lot about the legal world, to implement her ideas and to help in the best way she can.

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