Junior Editor

L.L.B in Law, 2nd year

Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania 


Tudor believes his greatest qualities are his charisma, his sense of humour and his curiosity, the latter of which prompted him to be interested in the Lawyr.it project as soon as he found out about it. He is from Cluj-Napoca and has also studied a year of computer science. His change of heart regarding his career was prompted by the same drive which made him take an interest in this project: curiosity; the curiosity to find out how and why the states are organised and function the way they do.

Tudor believes that Lawyr.it is the opportunity of a lifetime for a Law student, one which not only broadens your horizon to the way other states function, but also to how other people think and how they perceive the world and its laws. He is very excited to be part of the project.


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