Junior Editor

L.L.B in Law, 4th year

Babes-Bolyai University, Romania


Raluca is a Junior Editor in the Lawyr.it team, being involved in different activities like: students conferences, writing legal reviews, translating legal news from Romanian to English. Raluca joined Lawyr.it because she wanted to have the opportunity of developing her skills in legal writing and judicial knowledge. Raluca loves the way Lawyr.it helps the law students to boosts their chances to succeed in the legal field, by giving them the occasion to have their voice heard in their own articles, and getting known in the world of legal professionals through projects like the Opportunities section or the Legal Dictionary.


The new trend in the matter of divorce: the divorce by notary procedure

Possessory Action ©Lawyr.it Dictionary

Custom ©Lawyr.it Dictionary

Custody ©Lawyr.it Dictionary

Good Faith ©Lawyr.it Dictionary

Exception of unconstitutionality ©Lawyr.it Dictionary

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Pacta sunt servanda ©Lawyr.it Dictionary

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