Senior Editor

L.L.B in Law, 4th year

Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania 


Patricia has always loved writing, but fortunately found out rather quickly she needs a lot of practice in that area. Editing for an international journal such as allows her to help other people put their original ideas into the world while trying not to stray too far from her initial passion. Having studied as an Erasmus for her entire second year of university (a matter she cannot seem to let lie since she came back) her interest in international Law subjects only grew, together with the persistent feeling that she is not accomplishing enough outside of university. All of this and her wish not to lose the knowledge and legal vocabulary she gained during her time away determined her to apply for the position of Junior Editor.

She expects the excitement she felt when she first received the ‘congratulations and welcome to the team’ email to be the foundation of a beautiful and lengthy collaboration that will benefit her both in her academic and personal life.

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