Legal Researcher

L.L.B in Law, 3rd year

University of Exeter, United Kingdom


Alexandru is a third year Law student in the United Kingdom, and originally comes from Bucharest, Romania. He joined the team in October 2016. He speaks fluently English and Italian.

From an early age, Alexandru was extremely passionate about argumentation and public speaking. Upon entering high school, he was provided with the opportunity to join one of the newly created debating society in his hometown, Bucharest. Through debating, he learned essential skills such as critical thinking and researching. As time passed, he took interest in reading Law, as he found that the same things he loved about debating were, in fact, the building pillars of the subject. represents an extremely important opportunity for Alexandru, because it furthers his judicial knowledge and provides a good environment to work and learn from other members of the publication.



Murder (c) Dictionary

Rape (c) Dictionary


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