Legal Researcher

Trainee, Digital Transformation Department

European Union Intellectual Property Office, Alicante, Spain

Karolína is currently a Pan-European Seal trainee at the EUIPO, which deals with registration of European Union trademarks and Community designs. Her tasks are mainly based on legal and IT administrative issues that occur during registration of trademark or design by user-using IP tools. She graduated from Faculty of Law, Masaryk University in 2019 and became a doctoral student with specialisation in IP Law at the same university.

Karolína always wanted to be a member of legal association. She has fulfilled her goal when she has become a member of Faculty of Law Theatre Society in Brno and thanks to now. Moreover, being a Legal Researcher brings opportunities in helping law students with their legal writing and argumentation skills that are in Karolína’s opinion essential to be a good lawyer. According to the fact that some of her articles were already published in Czech and Polish legal magazines or books, she could be considered as a good support in legal writing.


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