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Daniela graduated in 2015 from Babeș-Bolyai University Law School and recently graduated from an L.L.M in International and Compared Business Law at the same university. She is now working in Brussels. She decided to be part of the team as a Legal Researcher because she truly believes law students should learn and be learned how to conduct a legal research. She also wants to help law students enrich both their writing and argumentation skills. Her previous experiences as a Legal Researcher and the internships she had in legal firms demonstrate not only her passion for the legal field, but also her involvement in promoting the legal writing among students. She is strongly confident that can become one of the most useful tools for law students in Central and Eastern Europe.


Cartel (c) Dictionary

Transfer pricing (c) Dictionary

Abusive clause (c) Dictionary

Withholding Tax (c) Dictionary

Acquisition (c) Dictionary

Security (c) Dictionary

Daniela has also been the founder and coordinator of the Masters Abroad rubric.

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