Project Coordinator

Trainee Lawyer

NEWLAW, Thessaloniki, Greece

Angeliki graduated in 2016 from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and is currently studying a LLM in the UK. She is interested in the future of European integration and European cooperation in criminal matters. Her studies at the LSE allowed her to learn about the development of European Union law in less traditional fields, such as data protection and cyberlaw.

She sees her involvement with as an opportunity to exchange ideas with law students from Eastern European legal systems and learn about their cultures, as well as participate in research projects and further her legal knowledge. She believes is an important tool for every law student who wishes to further their personal and professional growth and to develop their knowledge outside the classroom, as well as their organisation and time-management skills. 



Introduction to Greek Law Schools

The Refugee Definition within the European Union’s Protective Framework

Responsibility to Protect (c) Dictionary

White collar crime (c) Dictionary

Regular contributor for the Opportunities and Masters Abroad rubrics. 


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