1. The main issue and aim of the article

These words sparked some thoughts regarding the refugees and the problems related to them – their migration from one country to another, their fight for a better and more peaceful way of life. In this article I will present the refugees’ position and the actions and powers which the Republic of Bulgaria has in connection to them.

The aim of this article is to analyse the Romanian solutions for labour conflict management, to see which are the authorities specialised in it, and what Romania should to do improve its system. In doing so, we will refer to good practices of other member state of European Union, such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark or France, and see, on the comparative, what are the advantages that Romania could draw.


The geographical environment, the natural framework of existence and historical evolution, has always been a support and an influential factor in the socio-economic field, putting its mark on the evolution of social sciences, and thus on the legal system as well. Being one of the most significant factors in determining laws - a material source of law (Boboş, Buzdugan & Rebreanu, 2010), the circumstances and relevant problems which it raises are becoming a subject of day by day rising interest in our society.

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