The aim of this article is to analyse the Romanian solutions for labour conflict management, to see which are the authorities specialised in it, and what Romania should to do improve its system. In doing so, we will refer to good practices of other member state of European Union, such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark or France, and see, on the comparative, what are the advantages that Romania could draw.

One case that sparked public reaction regarding the rules of the statute of limitations is the case of Mr. Pál Sipos, a Hungarian former secondary school teacher who involved his students in sexual games many decades ago, but he is not liable now due to the rules of the statute of limitations. His case has had a great media and public resonance and served as a reference for the amendment of the new Hungarian Criminal Code (hereinafter referred to as Criminal Code).

This article aims to shed light on a current issue in Romania’s military administration - the statute of the military personnel. This subject is, unfortunately, not widely discussed. The burden, as it seems, to offer a possible solution lies within the obligations of the domestic Courts, and not of the scholars. By leaving this subject to be solved by Courts in a Civil Law system, certain problems can arise, such as various solutions that could contradict one another.

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