This article aims to present the particularities of the divorce procedure before a notary as it is regulated by the Romanian Civil Code. In these more than three years since this procedure has been introduced in our legislation, more and more people have chosen this procedure in order to put an end to their marriage. The reasons why couples turn to a notary in order to divorce are the swiftness and the less formal character of the procedure compared to the judicial one. 

UK institutions responsible for the reform of corporate law can very well make their own great plans, but in reality the focus and initiative has to be shifted towards Brussels. This essay will discuss the effects of this shift on English company law. For a better understanding, one must first look at the evolution of UK Company Law, then at the European Union’s reforms, the interconnection between the two, and finally at the current and future possible impact of the shift on British company law.

Modern economies have long now been striving to foster sane competition and to grant actors freedom of movement within their relevant markets. In competition law, the relevant market is the market in which one or more goods compete. Competition is desirable, as it leads to legitimate fight between people in the business. The winner of this fight is always the consumer, pampered with the best offers at stake.

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