In the early 2000’s, due to the enlargement of the European Union (EU) with a significant number of new members, an institutional reform was necessary in order to avoid a paralysed decision-making system. The system set up in 1950 for a Community which comprised six Member States was no longer operating efficiently within a Union of 15 and, subsequently, 25 Member States.

This article aims to analyse the thesis of the ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine and its application to the situation in Syria. I will debate the reasons for and against an approval from the UN (United Nations) for a military intervention from the perspective of the ‘responsibility to protect’ guiding principles, along with a brief overview on the doctrine and the Syrian war.

Visa issues involve both domestic and foreign policy matters within a state, affecting two categories of parties: people who want to travel, migrate or transit, and the countries which would accept them. However, despite its primarily beneficial purposes, the visa regime can also create problems for both sides involved. This article will analyse the situation of EU citizens when trying to apply for visa in different categories of countries.

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