We are delighted to announce that we have just launched the ninth issue of our magazine. We have been able to prepare a wide range of articles for all law enthusiasts. 

In this issue, you can find out about fresh opportunities, upcoming events, and in the Devil’s Advocate section, a debate on the burning topic of whether the United Nations Charter can effectively protect international peace and security from the contemporary threats. If you are interested in what law students have been up to over the summer, we have prepared an interesting report on the Summer University for Continental Law in Paris. Are you also wondering about the latest developments in the legal world? Lawyr.it was able to join the Symposium on Reform of Secured Transactions Laws, and we have prepared a report on that.

This issue, the Domestic section covers a broad range of legal issues, from tax law to military law. You will be able to read about the motor vehicle taxes, judicial independence, labour conflicts, but also about the status of the military personnel, and sexual crimes against minors.

If you are passionate about international law, don’t forget to go through the International Focus section! We have prepared an article based on an intensely debated topic, the states’ consent in international law. 

For our Professional Spotlight section, we have prepared two very different interviews, one with Professor Louise Gullifer, from Oxford University, and one with attorney-at-law Monica Moisin. 

We hope you will enjoy the read! 


Read the issue here 


ISSN 2501-1782

ISSN–L 2501- 1782