We are delighted to announce that we have just launched the tenth issue of our magazine, and, as usual, we are able to present you with an exceptional array of articles, briefings, reports, interviews, and more.  

This issue brings a set of reports on the refugee crisis that Europe is currently facing. Our legal researchers have managed to piece together the main legal aspects and issues revolving around the crisis, and the end-result is an insightful perspective customised for law students and refugee law enthusiasts. We went from exploring the refugee definition within the European Union’s protective framework, to presenting refugee status determination procedures across the world, to observing the crisis through the lens of the UN and the EU, and, finally, to documenting human rights violations during the crisis. Moreover, we are able to present you with an interview with Peter Rodrigues, Professor of Immigration Law and Chairman of the Institute of Immigration Law of the University of Leiden. 

You will also be able to find a new selection of opportunities, which cannot be missed, as well as an interesting briefing on Greek law schools. Moreover, we have prepared a briefing on a recent Polish legislative act, created as a protectionist measure, which is highly relevant within the context of the current reform period taking place in Poland. 

Turning to the highlight of our issue, the articles, in the Domestic section, you will be able to read about interesting subjects such as hate crime regulation in Hungary, the ever-emerging effects of the Dayton Treaty in Bosnia & Herzegovina, or joint authorship in unintentional crimes if you are interested in Romanian Criminal law. The International Focus section for this issue is focused on Human Rights, featuring a well-documented article on the right to wear religious clothing, and the pressing issue of the right to a healthy environment in the EU. The Reflections section provides an analysis of the doctrine of a ‘just war’ according to the Polish scholar Stanislaus of Scarbimiria, and a legal overview on the technique of clinical trials. The section also features an article of this issue’s Guest author, Ms. Giulia Priora, on the role of copyright collective societies in the EU.

Our Devil’s Advocate section brings a high-quality debate on the topical matter of whether access to the Internet should be regarded as a fundamental right.  The debate features Ms. Xenia Burghelea, as well as Mr. Adrian Hodiș, both lawyers and teaching assistants at the Babeș-Bolyai University. 

For our Professional Spotlight section, we have prepared an interview with Mr. Andrés Gascón-Cuenca, the director of the International Human Rights Clinic, at the University of Valencia, in Spain, on the matter of human rights, and more. 

We hope you will enjoy the read! 


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