We are delighted to announce that we have just launched the eleventh issue of our magazine, and, as usual, we are able to present you with an exceptional array of articles, briefings, reports, interviews, and more.  

Summer is upon us and, for many of our readers and contributors, it marks an exciting new milestone: the graduation! As it approaches and you naturally reflect on your accomplishments, we would like to thank you for making Lawyr.it one of them. It has grown and developed immensely with your support and each of you played a significant role in making that possible. We wish you many opportunities ahead and an exciting world outside of your comfort zone.

This time, our Domestic focus section features a variety of criminal law related articles, from the exploration of the concept of actio libera in causa, to the special explanatory clauses articles explained through the right to private life as an emerging human right. You will also be able to read about the influence of politics on the national practices of different European countries in the areas as diverse as education, finances and security, oil exploitation, antidiscrimination policies or criminal law. 

Our Reflections section features an article about the increasing importance of the emergency arbitration, a relatively new tool of the international arbitration, as well as an interesting insight into the Constitutive Act of the African Union. A different perspective on the concept of sovereignty is given in the article about the position of the states in the era of globalisation.

The International focus section explores the ever-growing European Union legislation, in three very different areas: trade and market regulations, voting rights for prisoners and the damages in cross-border motor vehicle accidents, creating a complex insight into the functioning of the EU. The section also includes a preview into the international perspective and controversies related to human rights in the extradition proceedings.

The Interviews section features an insightful interview with Ms. Monika Prusinowska, an Assistant Professor at the China-EU School of Law, a Sino-European law school founded by the European Union and the Chinese government, one of Lawyr.it’s newest partners. Ms. Prusinowska talks about her beginnings and about what sparked her interest in China - EU relations. The section also brings you a very interesting interview with Mr. Ryosuke Shimazu, an Associate Director in Debts Capital Markets at Emirates NBD in Dubai, on the emerging topic of Islamic finance and banking and the role of law in its development. Their stories encourage students and young lawyers to be aware of ever-changing legal environment and be information literate in such circumstances.

As always, our Question of the Issue section brings together a number of respectable young lawyers and law students who are yet to follow their footsteps, to offer their perspective on which qualities make a good lawyer. 

This issue welcomes articles from guest authors on hot topics we identified as relevant in our previous issues. One of them is the cross-border healthcare as a key challenge for pharmaceutical non-discriminatory practice. The second one is Islamic extremism and anti-terror legislation in the Philippines. We encourage you to follow up on their work and send us your thoughts on these issues.

Last but not least, we are proud to have two participants at the prestigious Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2015/2016 as guest writers for this issue’s debate. Both Anastasiia and Olha represented Central European University and accepted to argue pro and against on the topic of whether a claim for disgorgement of profits should be allowed under Article 74 of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Their participation in this competition was the main source of inspiration behind the debate.

In the end, whether you have chosen law as a career or simply as a temporary pursuit, think of it as a license to be curious. We will continue to support you and share your stories.


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