L.L.M in Compliance - University of Fribourg

In response to new local, national and international regulations concerning corporate finance, companies have created internal compliance organisations charged with monitoring regulatory developments, identifying risks, designing and implementing prevention mechanisms, overcoming compliance difficulties and advising on internal rules and controls. The LL.M in Compliance aims to give its students the necessary qualifications to succeed as lawyers in the business world in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

LL.M in International Contracts and Arbitration - University of Fribourg

The LL.M in International Contracts and Arbitration has been designed to prepare students to meet the challenges that arise from the expansion of global. Its aim is to help students understand the jurisdictional complexity of such contracts and to prepare them for the rapid growth in the role of alternative dispute settlement mechanisms.

LL.M in International Business Law - University of Fribourg

The LL.M in International Business Law is offered by the Fribourg Law Faculty, in co-operation with the Law Faculties of Bern and Neuchâtel. The programme has been specifically designed to allow students to develop the practical knowledge and skills, sought by international law firms in the business world.

Master of Law / Master en Droit University of Neuchâtel 

The Master of Law is designed to provide students with a better understanding of the areas of law they were introduced to at a Bachelor's level. UniNE offers a general Master of Law, however students have the opportunity to obtain a specialist degree in 8 disciplines: 'Judicial Professions', 'Business and Tax Law', 'Public Law', 'International and European Law', 'Medical Law and Biotechnology', 'Sport Law', 'Labour Law' and 'Innovation - Intellectual Property Law'.

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