University of Wrocław -  International and European Law, LLM

As one of the largest universities in Poland, the University of Worclaw teaches over 40,000 students in 10 faculties, including Law, Administration and Economics and Physics and Astronomy. The law program of the university is ranked as one of the best in the country.

The LLM focuses on international law, as well as on the comparative study of different legal regimes. Students have the opportunity to learn more about the relations between states and other participants to the international community, as well as about the interactions between different legal norms. A special focus is set on the European Union Law, as well as on its institutions.

Location: Wroklaw, Poland

Single/Double Diploma: Single diploma

Language: English

Number of Places/Students per year: no information provided until now

Duration: Two years

Price/Fee:  no information provided until now

Scholarships: is not awarded

Application Process

Necessary Docs: 

- Diploma certifying completion of first cycle studies

- Confirmation of English language competency at the B2 level - s internationally recognised certificate, according to university regulations 

- Right to reside in Poland for foreign students

Candidates should have a diploma certifying the graduation of first cycle studies, as well as a certificate confirming the English language competency at the B2 level. 

Foreign nationals must have the legal right to reside in Poland and to undertake studies. Once accepted in the programme, students can choose a specialisation in International Business Law or in Modern Human Rights Law.

Program Structure:

• Courses ( ECTS): 

• 1st semester: Public international law, EU law and institutions, English language for Public and Private Law, Political Socio-economic and Legal Thought, Master’s Thesis Seminar, Electives 

- 2nd semester: Comparative Private Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, - International Business Law, Modern Human Rights Law, Environmental Law, Master’s Thesis  Seminar

- 3rd semester: International Criminal Law, Judicial Protection in the EU, International Business Law, Modern Human Rights Law, Master’s Thesis Seminar

- 4th semester: Intellectual Property Law, International Business Law, Modern Human Rights Law, International & European Tax Law, Moot Court, Comparative Administrative Law, Master’s Thesis seminar

- Thesis: yes

- Internship:  no information provided until now

Career prospects: domestic and international organizations, arbitration, law firms

LLM Contact: website, dr Jakub Kociubiński, PhD, LLM - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


By Georgiana Caramihai

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