Master in Law and Finance - Riga Graduate School of Law

The Law and Finance programme aims to show and provide an understanding to the relationship between the respective disciplines, highlight the complexity that exists. To understand this complexity, will help both lawyers and financiers develop regulation and legislation that matches advanced financial models. With a focus on EU law, the programme merges theory with global financial practice and standards to give students a more rounded view of multinational jurisdictions and regulation

Master in Public International Law and Human Rights - Riga Graduate School of Law

The programme is aimed at students interested in working with international public law issues, including human rights, in a national or international environment. It offers in-depth studies in fundamental issues of public international law and human rights law, the interaction between the two areas of law, and in current trends of their development.

Master in EU Law and Policy - Riga Graduate School of Law

The programme is designed to promote highly qualified experts with knowledge of both European Union law and policy issues preparing for the work in national and international environments.

Master in International Law - Riga Graduate School of Law

A 40-credit, one-year academic programme for those who already completed a 160-credit (240 ECTS credits) bachelor’s degree in Law or equivalent. The 1-year master's programme consists of 20 weeks of theoretical study with an interaction of law and other disciplines emphasised within each course track and 20 weeks devoted to thesis writing. Following successful completion, students are awarded a master's degree (LL.M) in International and European Law. The programme is also offered on a part-time basis with the duration of the part time programme dependent on the schedule tailored to the student. Normally, the duration of study is doubled.. The programme is structured as: an 81-credit, two-year professional programme for those who already completed a 120-credit (180 ECTS credits) bachelor’s degree in Law. 

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