Master in European Law: Business Law - Radboud University 

This specialisation investigates aspects of European and comparative company law, such as corporate restructuring, corporate mobility, formation and financing of companies, European business forms, employee involvement, corporate governance and takeover regulations. Its graduates will be able to analyse both primary and secondary EU legislation, as well as the case law of the Court of Justice of the EU and the legislation of relevant jurisdictions, and to understand the interaction of European and national law on businesses.

Master in European Law: International and European Law Advanced - Radboud University 

Unlike other specialisations in the Master’s programme of European Law, this one aims at training students to become a generalist in the field: a person with intricate and comprehensive knowledge of international and European law who grasps the bigger picture. The programme is therefore well-suited to those interested in a profession in academia and research, legal consultancy or diplomacy. All important issues that are relevant in today’s globalised landscape will be discussed in the courses, for example, maintaining peace and security, protecting human rights, and promoting sustainable development. 

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