Master in European Economic Law - University of Groningen

The European Economic Law LLM programme covers all the central aspects of European Union Law, including institutional law, judicial protection, law of the internal market, environmental law, competition law, market regulation, EU trade law, as well as the European protection of human rights. While the emphasis of the programme is on European Economic Law, students have the opportunity to include European Human Rights Law in their curriculum. 

Masters in International Commercial Law - University of Groningen 

Increasing globalization and regional integration creates the need for good knowledge of international commercial law. The one year LLM programme in International Commercial Law covers specialization in (international) commercial law, especially with regard to contracts and subjects of contracts, as well as the solving of (commercial) disputes when needed.

Research LLM in Public International Law - University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

University of Amsterdam dates back to 1632 and is ranked among the top 30 universities in Europe and among the top 50 in the World. It offers a wide variety of LLM programmes, which brings together people from all over the World in an open and tolerant environment.

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