LL.M International Criminal Law - NUI Galway

The LL.M in International Criminal Law (ICL) aims to provide students with an advanced understanding of the history and institutional structures of the various international criminal tribunals and the International Criminal Court. It will equip students with an in-depth knowledge of the principles of international criminal law and its component crimes and procedural issues, while also allowing them to develop a critical approach to the relationship between other accountability mechanisms, such as truth commissions.

LL.M International Human Rights - NUI Galway

This programme provides students with the requisites enabling them to contribute to the advancement of human rights globally, both in their individual capacities and in association with institutions that have such a focus. The coursework begins with a general introduction to the systems and documents of international human rights law, and proceeds to a series of specialised courses in such areas as minority rights law, regional human rights systems such as the European Convention on Human Rights, criminal prosecution by international tribunals of human rights violators, gender and child rights, refugees and asylum seekers, and international humanitarian law. The course emphasises the analysis and critique of international human rights law and legal regimes.

LL.M Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict - NUI Galway

This programme is offered at the Irish Centre for Human Rights within the School of Law, drawing upon the resources of the LLM in International Human Rights Law, with the addition of specialised courses on peacekeeping. The course work begins with a general introduction to international peacekeeping and peace support operations, and continues with a series of specialised courses in such areas as International Relations and International Organisations, International Humanitarian Law, Refugee Law, Conflict and post conflict studies and International Criminal Law. 

LL.M in International and Comparative Law - Trinity College Dublin

With the increased globalisation of the last twenty years and with the rise to prominence of the international human rights movement, there has been a huge impetus for students of all nationalities towards studying areas of law with a broad international and comparative law focus. This LL.M programme offers students the chance to study from a large list of modules with a broad international and comparative law feel, many of which relate to international and regional human rights law.

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