Master en Droit et Contentieux de l’UE (LL.M. in European Law and Litigation) - University of Luxembourg 

The Master en Droit et Contentieux de l’Union européenne is designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge and experience of substantive, institutional and procedural law of the European Union. The programme is based on a method of active learning through critical analysis of case-law combined with study of EU procedural law. It covers the analysis of a wide spectrum of EU law, European constitutional, administrative and regulatory law, especially European economic law and the law related to the internal market, as well as specific matters of EU law, such as employment, immigration or external relations law; in-depth study of specific procedural rules and remedies; the analysis of the role of the national judge and the relationship between the Court of Justice of the European Union and the international judge.

L.L.M. in Space, Communication and Media Law - University of Luxembourg 

The Master in Space, Communication and Media Law combines a range of courses on space law, international and European satellite communication law, media law, electronic communications and e-commerce law, intellectual property law, as well as data protection law. It covers these areas on international, European and national level. The programme equips students with essential theoretical, practical and analytical skills to excel in the fast-paced legal world of a continuously developing field. It provides ample opportunities for development in the public and private sector, as well as in academia.

L.L.M. in European Private Law - University of Luxembourg 

The Master in European Private Law is among the most innovative Master programmes in EU law. It focuses on the Europeanisation of private law sectors, covering key issues of company, labour, intellectual property, and banking and financial law and allowing students to understand how national legislation on private law will evolve in the future. Students are trained to evaluate legal issues in a unique way, encouraging analysis that goes beyond national jurisdictions in order to draw upon European legal sources, and to propose more innovative solutions. Private law is explored through case methods combined with a presentation of the relevant legal provisions. 

L.L.M. in European and International Tax Law - University of Luxembourg  

Students of this LL.M. will be prepared to master the general principles of tax law in order to be able to work with new or unfamiliar legal rules, and to successfully recognise issues arising in new taxing jurisdictions, in this ever-changing field. This programme puts a particular emphasis on the interaction of tax treaty law with domestic tax law, as well as the effects of primary and secondary EU law on domestic tax rules. During the course, students work on several case studies under the supervision of leading tax law firms and participate in research projects organised by the ATOZ Chair for European and International Taxation.  

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