L.L.M. in Law of the Sea - University of Tromsø 

The LL.M. programme aims to broaden the traditional approach to the Law of the Sea from jurisdictional issues to also include substantial law such as conservation and sustainable use of biological resources and protection of biodiversity and the environment. Although the programme of study has a clear global profile, it will also have a distinct Arctic dimension. 

Master in Human Rights University of Oslo 

This programme focuses on human rights in both theory and practice from legal, historical, philosophical, political and social science-based perspectives. Students are provided with specialised knowledge about human rights law, including the relationship between that law and other types of human rights initiatives and activities.

Master in Information and Communication Technology Law University of Oslo 

The principal aim of this Master of Laws programme is to impart understanding of the central legal issues that arise as a result of developments in the use of ICT. In very general terms, such issues concern the ways in which ICT affects the application of existing law, and existing law affects the use of ICT, and the manner in which ICT functions as a regulatory mechanism in itself.

Master in Maritime Law University of Oslo 

Maritime Law is an exciting and challenging international subject for lawyers and others with an interest in shipping. This LLM programme gives you a specialisation in a truly international field of law, which is of great practical importance.

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