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The Europa-Kolleg Hamburg is an internationally recognised, interdisciplinary institution for education and research in the field of European integration. With the Institute for European Integration and two Master Programmes, the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg offers an excellent platform for research, teaching and learning in the area of European studies. Renowned lecturers, the specialised library for European studies, the integrated residential area, important projects, events and publications provide a stimulating environment for students and researchers from around the world who have the highest expectations in the area of European integration.

Master Name and Type : The Master Programme is, in its introductory parts, devoted to the legal, economic and political aspects of European integration. Subsequent elective specialisation classes address the EU as a political actor, the external relations of the EU, Companies as economic actors or the law of the EU. The two-semester Master Programme ‘European and European Legal Studies’ is run by the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Hamburg in cooperation with the Institute for European Integration (at the Foundation Europa-Kolleg Hamburg), an academic institution at the University of Hamburg according to para. 95 of the Hamburg Law on Higher Education. After successfully completing the programme either the academic degree ‘Master of Arts (M.A.)‘ or ‘Master of Laws (LL.M.)‘ will be awarded.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Single/Double Diploma: Single

Language: English. A limited amount of elective courses taught in German might be available.

Number of Places/Students per year: the information is not yet available

Duration: 2 semesters (1 year)

Price/Fee: 8.500 EUR

Scholarships: For this programme the candidates could apply for one the following scholarships:

  • The DAAD scholarship
  • Foundations for the promotion of gifted students
  • Political foundations
  • Scholarships offered by the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg foundation

Application Process:

  1. Deadline

Closing date for the application: 31 May, 2018

  1. Necessary Docs:
  • Passport photograph ( 45 mm x 35 mm)
  • Curriculum vitae (Europass)
  • Diploma qualifying for admission to an institution of higher institution or an equivalent document which entitles the applicant to be admitted to an institution of higher education
  • Document proving the graduation from an institution of higher education or most current grade breakdown and course information, possibly indicating the number of earned ECTS
  • Proof of the English language proficiency required for studies and examinations in the Master Programme
  • Letter of motivation
  • Declaration regarding the field of specialisation
  • Confirmation that the tuition fees according to the regulations of the Master Programme will be paid
  • Confirmation to have duly taken note of the Examination Regulations of the Master Programme
  • Names and email addresses of two professors or other individuals who are familiar with your academic and professional development
  1. Supplements:

If necessary for compensation of missing Credit Points: proof of achievements above average (such as practical experience, studies in other institutions, research activities, publications) in fields related to the Master Programme.

The candidates can also attend lectures in German and sit examination in German: proof of the German language proficiency

Possibly other documents proving your qualification and motivation for the Master Programme.

Program Structure:

Courses ( 60 ECTS)

  • Compulsory:
    • Shared Modules: The EU as a Legal Community, The EU as an Economic Community, The EU as a Political Community, Practice Module, Master Thesis
    • Fields of specialization: The EU as a Political Actor, External Relations of the EU, Companies as Economic Actors, Law of the EU
  • Thesis: In order to complete the master programme a thesis on a specific subject shall be written
  • Internship: In order to complete the programme an internship must be pursued. 

LLM Contact:

Linda Dammermann

Tel: +49/40/822 727-27

facsimile: +49/40/822 727-98

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Master Programme ‘European and European Legal Studies’

Europa-Kolleg Hamburg

Windmühlenweg 27

D-22607 Hamburg


By Madalina Enea

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