After many months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of the latest issue: Issue 6.2!

As usual, this issue opens with the Domestic focus section, which features articles on the financial balance principle in administrative law or the legal aspects of the confidentiality obligation in banking law. Moving to our International Focus section, you will find themes such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the related enforcement of martial law, the situation of the Ukranian internally displaced persons, the role of non-governmental organisations in international economic law, the legal perspectives of secularism and nativity scenes, as well as the judicial overview of the European Investigation Order. Finally,’s Reflections section deals with the heated topics of the foundation of new human rights, the genetic manipulation of the human genome in unborn children, and manslaughter committed by medical specialists.

Three interviews contribute to the quality of this issue through the Professional Spotlight section: we had the chance to have a detailed conversation with Dr. Tamás Sulyok, the President of the Hungarian Constitutional Court, with Dr. Cătălin S. Rusu, Associate Professor of European Law at Radboud University, and Dr. George Zlati who is currently working as Associate Lawyer at Sergiu Bogdan & Associates.

The Devil’s Advocate section features a heated debate on a – still – controversial issue: should same-sex marriage be considered as human right? The thoughts and arguments introduced in this section certainly offer our readers food for thought. Finally, don’t forget to give a look to our Question of the Issue section, which focuses on environmental law, presenting the regulations three European countries have introduced to protect the environment and evaluating their effectiveness. 

All content will be available online too in the upcoming days.

Hopefully we have awoken your curiosity to read our newest issue front to back and that all these great articles will inspire you to work on your own ideas, put pen to paper, and with a little timing we would be happy to feature your paper in our next issue. A big ‘Thank you’ for everyone that contributed to this issue and keep on reading!

The Editorial Team 

You can check the issue here. 

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