Reprisal (International Law) (Ro: Represalii, Fr: Représailles, Gr: αντίποινα) (See also: Countermeasures, Retorsion) = an act committed by a State in response to an earlier violation of international law from an adversary. Reprisals are acts that would otherwise be considered illegal but under strict conditions are lawful. They can be belligerant or non-forcible, the latter usually refered to as 'countermeasures'. 

In order for such a measure to be considered legal, there must be a previous wrongful act committed by the other party, the measure must be preceded by an unsatisfied request for redress and remain proportional to the earlier violation. In addition, for belligerant reprisals, a warrning must be given beforehand, the decision to carry out reprisals must be taken by a competent authority and a termination of the reprisal must come into place as soon as the other party’s violation stops.

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By Daniela Toma