Rape [Ro.: Viol, De.: Vergewaltigen, Fr.: Viol, Gr.: βιασμός] (See also: Sexual Assault, Consent, Harassment) = a criminal offence consisting of a non-consensual sexual act with another person, with or without the use of force or unlawful threats of serious harm, when the perpetrator does not reasonably believe that the victim consented (United Kingdom). In most jurisdictions rape commonly requires penetration.

~ Consent [Ro.: Consintamant, De.: Zustimmen Fr.: Consentement, Gr.: συγκατάθεση] (See also: Duress, Misrepresentation, Capacity) = agreement by choice, where the individual has the freedom and capacity to make that choice. Depending on the country, the age of consent can vary between 14 (Bulgaria, Italy) to 18 years old. (Turkey)

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Legislation Romanian Penal Code, Article 218 [Romanian] Sexual Offences Act 2003 [English] 10 U.S Code § 920 - Art. 120. Rape and sexual assault generally [English] Current Legal Framework in France [English] Greek Penal Code, Article 336 [Greek]

Organisations and Associations Rape Crisis England & Wales [United Kingdom] Legal Resources [United States] Victim Right Law Centre [United States] Law Reform Efforts [United States]

Case Law Assange v The Swedish Prosecution Authority [English]  R v C [2009] UKHL 42 [English]  - R v H [2005] All ER (D) 16 (Feb) [English] Leaver, R. v, Court of Appeal [English]

Online Publications

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By Alexandru Gradinaru