Piracy (law of the sea) [Ro.: piraterie, Fr.: piraterie, Sp.: piratería, It.: pirateria, Gr.: πειρατία] = the action of one ship (or more) attacking another ship (or more) on the sea, with the purpose of stealing the latter`s goods. Those who commit piracy are called pirates. Sometimes, they even kill or take prisoners or sink the attacked ships. It used to be more frequent during the past centuries, but it`s present even nowadays in some areas of the globe. Piracy can also be committed on air planes or used by terrorist organisations.

~ aircraft hijacking [Ro.: deturnare de avion, Fr.: détournement d'avion, Sp.: piratería aérea, It.: dirottamento aereo, Gr.: αεροπειρατία] (See also: skyjacking, air piracy, aircraft piracy, air robbery) = a group of people taking control over an airplane, often with political motives, and making demands, usually to a state or institution. It is often considered an act of terrorism.


Useful Links

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Organisations and associations - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - United Nations Oceans and Law of the Sea - One Earth Future - Oceans Beyond Piracy - INTERPOL - Commercial Crime Services, a specialised division of the International Chamber of Commerce - International Maritime Organisation - International Seafarers` Welfare and Assistance Network

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By Oana Bahnean