State Aid (Competition Law, State Aid Law) [Ro.: ajutor de stat, De.: staatliche Beihilfe, Fr.: aide d'État, It.: aiuto di stato] (See also: internal market, horizontal agreement, vertical agreement, relevant market, anticompetitive behaviour, concerted practice, cartel, undertaking) = refers to forms of public assistance, using resources funded by taxpayers that are awarded to undertakings on a discretionary basis, with the potential to distort competition and affect trade between member states of the EU. In most cases, due to its anticompetitive effects, State Aid is banned (e.g. a sustainable undertaking might suffer heavy losses and even be put out of business because of the state subsidies that are awarded to its competitors in an unfair manner). Nonetheless, some State Aid schemes are allowed, considering the fact that the negative effects are balanced by the positive ones (e.g. promoting Research & Development in certain key industries).


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Legislation – The Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, Article 107 [All official EU languages] – The Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, Article 108 [All official EU languages] – The Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, Article 109 [All official EU languages] – Commission Notice on the notion of State aid as referred to in Article 107(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union [All official EU languages] – Law 21/1996 regarding Competition in Romania [Romanian] – Emergency Ordinance 77/2014 regarding the national procedures in the field of state aid, Romania [Romanian]


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by Vladimir Griga