Third Party Litigation Funding, also known as legal financing or third party funding (International Trade Law) = a new form of litigation financing, referring to the practice of financial support from a third party. Usually a specialised legal person, secures the full or part of the litigation or arbitration costs for one of the involved parties in return of a part of the damages, determined by the judgement or the settlement. Where the litigation is unsuccessful, the funder receives no share of the damages and bears the agreed costs.

The main advantage of Third Party Litigation Funding practice is that it eliminates the risk of high costs that may apply to any trial or settlement. It also secures the access to justice of the parties that cannot afford supporting a litigation action.

The application of third party litigation funding is currently limited to cases of high value, mostly the commercial ones and so far it has not yet deemed suitable for consumer or personal injury cases or claims as these do not carry a sufficiently high level of damages.


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