Takeover (Ro.: preluare, Fr.: offre publique d’achat (OPA), n.f., Gr.:  εξαγορά, Cz.: skoupení většinového podílu společnosti, Alb.: Marrja në Kontroll) (See also: acquisition, golden parachute, joint venture, poison pill, proxy fight, takeover bid, tender offer) = a type of merger through which one company gains control over another company, by buying its shares.

Hostile ~ (Ro.: preluare ostilă, Fr.: offre publique d’achat (OPA) hostile, n.f.) = a type of takeover which is used as an instrument to gain control in the target public-traded company, against its will, by two main hostile tactics: approaching the shareholders in order to replace the company’s management with one which would agree with the takeover or merger (proxy fight), or approaching the shares by offering a fixed high price per share to the shareholders (making a tender offer).


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By Diana Buzilă