Conveyance (Property Law) (Ro.: cesiune/ transferul dreptului de proprietate, Fr.: cession, n.f./ transfert de propriété, n.m., Gr.: μεταβίβαση (κυριότητας), Cz.: postoupení, cese) (See also: alienation, cession, property, transfer) = represents the voluntary act of alienation and transmission of a legal title (usually transfer of property or even ownership) from one person to another.  

Deed of ~ (Ro.: act de cesiune, Fr.: acte de cession, n.m./ acte de transfert de propriété, n.m., Gr.: έγγραφο μεταβίβασης) = represents the document by means of which the holder of a good transfers the property right to another person


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Legislation - Romanian Civil Code, Romania [Romanian] - Romanian Civil Code, Art. 1767, Romania [Romanian] - Conveyancing and Law of Property Act, 1881, UK [English] - Conveyancing Act 1919, Australia [English] - Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009, UK [English]

Case law - Nugent v. Nugent [2013] EWHC 4095 - Nicholson and ors v. Hamilton (Tullochgribban Mains) ltd. and anr [2012] CSOH 138 - David Barclay Smith v. James Crombie and Mrs. Rita Crombie, [2012] CSOH 52

Organisations and associations - A brief history of the NSW Conveyancing Profession, Australian Institute of Conveyancers, NSW (Australia) – A guide to conveyancing protocol, The Law Society (UK)

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By Ruxandra Popescu