Secured creditor (Ro.: creditor cu creanța garantată, Fr.: créancier garanti, n.m./ titulaire d’une créance garantie, n.m., Gr.: ασφαλείς πιστωτές, Cz.: zajištění věřitelé, Cr.: osigurani kreditor/povlašteni kreditor) (See also: lien, mortgage lender, loans) = a creditor who holds security in the form of a legally enforceable claim on a debtor’s asset/assets.

The asset’s/assets’ liquidation value has to be at least equal to the lending’s value. In case the pledged asset is foreclosed, the secured creditor is entitled to receive the income. In bankruptcy, the secured creditors benefit from the most senior protection, their receivables being fulfilled before the unsecured creditors’ debts.

Unsecured creditor (Ro.: creditor chirografar, Fr.: créancier non garanti, n.m./ créancier chirographaire, n.m.) (See also: lien, mortgage lender, loans) = a creditor who holds no collateral from the debtor regarding the loan. 

In case of bankruptcy of the debtor, the unsecured creditor is paid after the receivables of all secured creditors are fulfilled.


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By Ioana Bărăian