Undue influence (in contract law) (Ro.: abuz de putere/ leziune/ viciu de consimţământ, Fr.: abus d'autorité, n.m./ lésion, n.f./ influence indue, n.f., Gr.:  καταχρηστική άσκηση επιρροής / κατάχρηση επιρροής, Cz.: nedovolené ovlivňování ) (See also: duress, necessity) = a wrongful act, by means of which one of the parties of a contract takes advantage of the weaker position of the other while entering the contract. When undue influence is invoked and proved by the innocent party, the contract will be rendered voidable. 

Actual ~ (Ro.: abuz de putere efectiv/ leziune efectivă/ viciu de consimţământ efectiv, Fr.: abus d’autorité réel, n.m./ lésion réelle, n.f./ influence indue réelle, n.f.) = a legal defence available to the claimant, in which he or she must prove that at the moment of the formation of the contract, actual threats were exerted upon him or her, and that power was unbalanced between the parties.

Presumed ~ (Ro.: abuz de putere prezumat/ leziune prezumată/ viciu de consimţământ prezumat, Fr.: abus d’autorité présumé, n.m./ lésion présumée, n.f./ influence indue présumée, n.f.) = an imbalance of power between the parties, considered to exist until proof of the contrary.


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By Ana Pintea