Adverse possession (Ro.: prescripție achizitivă/ uzucapiune, De.: ~e Ersitzung/ ~eUsukapion, Fr.: possession adversative, n.f./ prescription acquisitive, n.f., Cz.: neoprávněná držba, Gr.: χρησικτησία, Alb.: Parashkrimi fitues) (See also: easement, homesteading, prescription, sovereignty transfer, Squatter’s rights) = possession inconsistent with the right of the true owner and without lawful title, with the effect that at the end of the prescribed period both the remedy and the title of the former owner are extinguished.


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Legislation - Law of Property Act 1925, UK [English] - Limitation Act 1980, ss. 15 and 75, schedule I, s. 8, UK [English] - California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 323, USA [English] - Civil Code, Art. 930-940, Romania [Romanian];jsessionid=887CEF8FC7027EF2D93D1B6D6F627211.tpdjo02v_2?idSectionTA=LEGISCTA000019017151&cidTexte=LEGITEXT000006070721&dateTexte=20141214 – Code Civil, Art. 2258-2277, France [French] – BGB, §§ 937–945, Germany [German]!fragment/sec2910 - Civil code of Quebec, Section 2904- 2920, Canada [English]

Articles 1041-1055 of the Greek Civil Code [Greek]

Articles 168-169 of the Albanian Civil Code [Albanian]

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By Radu Șomlea