Affidavit (Ro.: declaraţie scrisă sub jurământ, De.: ~s Affidavit, Fr.: déclaration écrite sous serment, n.f., Gr.: ένορκη βεβαίωση, Cz.: přísečné prohlášení) (See also: Affiant, Declaration, Deposition, Statutory declaration, Statement) = a voluntary, written, sworn declaration, made before a notary public or another authorised official who is empowered to administer such oaths.

The affidavit is used in judicial proceedings, and uses the personal knowledge or information of the person who signs the declaration, under oath. If the statement is found to be deliberately untrue, the individual may face perjury charges. 

~ of service (Ro.: declaraţie de efectuare a citării părţilor, De.: ~e Zustellungsurkunde, Fr.: affidavit de signification, n.m., Gr.: έκθεση επίδοσης) (See also: Notice, Process, Summons, Writ) = an affidavit certifying that a document was served on a party


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By Oana Gligan