Angel Investor (Ro.: Investitor privat, Gr.: επιχειρηματικοί άγγελοι, Cz.: andělský investor(See also: business angel, business law, investment, Due Diligence, risk, entrepreneurship, equity) = An individual (or a group) who provide financing capital for new (start-ups) or emerging businesses, in order to multiply his/her investment in a predefined amount of time (usually up to 5 years), often accompanied by advisement of that company. 

When making an investment, angel investors take into consideration criteria such as the size of the deal, the stage of the company, the potential of the market and the industry in which that particular business operates and the magnitude of the risks and returns. 

~ investment returns (Ro.: rezultatul investiției, Gr.: απόδοση επενδύσεων) = the results of angel investor’s investments at exit, which can be materialised in capital gain, assets, shares, bonds or equity.

~ investing group (Ro.: grup de investiții, Gr.: όμιλος επενδυτών) = two or more angel investors who decide to make investments together and share the returns, according to a commonly agreed strategy.



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By Ioana Stupariu