Battery (as in 'assault and battery') (Ro.: loviri şi alte violenţe, De.: Schläge und (andere) Gewalttätigkeiten, Fr.: coups et blessures, Gr.: σωματική βλάβη, Cz.: ublížení na zdraví) (See also: felony, misdemeanor, violence) = an unlawful act implying physical violence, by means of which one person is voluntarily causing reasonable harm to another person.

Aggravated ~ (Ro.: vătămare corporală gravă, De.: ~e Schwere Körperverletzung, Fr.: circonstance aggravante des coups et blessures, n.f., Gr.: βαριά σωματική βλάβη) = offensive contact done with a dangerous weapon upon one person, resulting in the loss of his/her limb, a serious bodily injury, or death

Family-violence ~ (Ro.: violenţă în familie, De.: ~e häusliche Gewalt/~e Gewalt in der Familie/ ~e innerfamiliäre Gewalt, Fr.: violence dans la famille. n.f., Gr.: ενδοοικογενειακή βία) = bodily harm caused by a person to a member of his/ her family

Sexual ~ (Ro.: agresiune sexuală, De.: ~r sexuelle Angriff, Fr.: agression sexuelle, n.f., Gr.: προσβολή της γενετήσιας αξιοπρέπειας) = an unlawful act by means of which a person is having non-consensual contact with his/ her victim’s intimate body parts


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Jurisprudence - Burstow R v. Ireland, UK, 1997 

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