Damages (Ro.: daune-interese/despăgubiri, Gr.: αποζημίωση, Cz.: náhrada škody, Alb.: Dëme(See also: compensation, indemnity, remedy) = Sum of money, awarded by court, representing compensation to which one party is entitled after suffering a loss, detriment, injury or any kind of harm after another party’s omission, fault, negligence or any kind of wrongdoing. The term defines both the remedy for the breach of contract and the compensation that results from a tort claim( in common law) or delict (roman concept used in civil law referring to unlawful human conduct resulting in violation of a right of another)

Compensatory ~ damages meant to repair the loss resulted from the unlawful conduct, and nothing more.

Punitive ~ also known as exemplary damages, they can be cumulated with compensatory damages and are awarded not for compensation but for reforming and preventing similar actions to occur.

Aggravated ~ (compensatory damages awarded for non-pecuniary losses (usually mental distress)

Nominal ~ (as opposed to substantial) Damages awarded to the plaintiff showing that his/her rights were infringed, but did not suffer any real or substantial loss

General ~ damages awarded for injuries or breach of contract in cases which the loss cannot be exactly evaluated

Liquidated ~ (as opposed to unliquidated) Sum of money representing total damages, stipulated and agreed-to, to which a party is entitled after a breach of contract


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By Alexandru Coraș