Due diligence (Ro: diligență minimă, raport preliminar extern de evaluare, audit intern, investigare, verificare, Gr.: δέουσα επιμέλεια Cz.: povinná péče) (See also: Audit, Examination, Legal & Financial Analysis, Inspection, Scrutiny, M&As, Hedge Funds, Corporate Governance, Tort Law, Negligence) =

(Broad meaning) The measures taken by a prudent, reasonable person in a certain situation in order to avoid the materialising of the potential risks. The term is used with this sense in tort law, related to negligence cases, but it can also be found in criminal law, referring to the cases when the defendant has to prove that he/she has done everything reasonably possible to prevent an offence he/she has committed (Ro.: teoria agentului model). 

(Specific meaning) The process of investigating a business, particularly before a merger or acquisition, a privatisation or other transaction. Its purpose is to verify its compliance with specific standards, under a variety of circumstances and to identify risks. In some cases, it can also be applied to individuals (e.g. before signing an employment contract). Although due diligence can sometimes emerge as a legal obligation, it is most often made voluntarily by companies, either internally or as a result of an external contract. 


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By Ioana Stupariu